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About Naiting

"Hope we see the beauty in everyday moments through art, to see gentleness, to find calm, to see yourself."

Naitng is an Illustrator and Visual Artist from Taiwan, currently creating things in London, UK. 

Born in Tainan and raised in Taipei, studied in Chiayi, where she began to delve into creative arts. In 2017, she moved to the UK to further her education in art, completing a degree of Illustration MA  at Kingston School of Art (Kingston University), London. 

As an illustrator and designer, she explores different creative methods to tell the stories of everyday life. she enjoys layering colours to build unique images that capture the objects and spaces that matter to her. She enjoys following her intuition when her paint, letting the process flow naturally, finding comfort in the beauty of imperfection. Each stroke is a chance to relax and create without restraint. 

In her art, Naiting delves into the depths of self-discovery, memories, and the subconscious. Her artistic journey is intertwined with her self-awareness journey. She submerges herself in the inner world, expressing its nuances on the canvas, aiming to create resonant connections with her audience.

Naiting has displayed her works at Candid Arts Gallery in London, Deptford Does Art, The Holy Art Gallery in London and Athens, Parallax Art Fair, and held a solo exhibition, "A Room of One’s Own," at Chikafe in Taipei.

我是一位來自台灣的插畫家、視覺藝術家,出生於台南,台北長大,於嘉義讀書並開始創作, 於2017年前往英國進修,於倫敦金斯頓大學主修視覺傳達與插畫碩士,目前旅居於倫敦,創作之餘也積極參與展出。



Photo by Fang-yu Cho

Media Press


非池中報導【在自己房間的旅行】- Naiting插畫作品中的溫柔目光與絮語風情, Taipei, Taiwan 2024 

Naiting與她的藝術創作/從一個人漫漫的旅行到《自己的房間》From a Long Solo Journey to A Room of One’s Own, Ciao TW, Taipei, Taiwan  2024  

Artwort Illustrated Interview, Milan, Italy2024 

Artist Talk Magazine Website Artist Feature, London, UK 2024 

Artist Talk Magazine Feature in Issue 28 in Printed magazine(P.128-129), London, UK 2023 

Suboart Magazine Feature in Issue 15 in Printed & Online Version, Lisbon, Portugal 2023 

The Juice Fanzine 07,“Other World” Illustration feature in magazine, London, UK

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